Volume of square calculator

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Volume Calculator

The volume of a tube is found according to the following formula: V = π * [(d 1 2 - d 2 2) / 4] * l. where d 1 and d 2 are the length of the outer and inner diameter and l is the height of the tube.
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Cubic Feet Calculator (feet, inches, cm, yards)

First, we’ll try to calculate the volume using the easy way (third formula), which is to use the lateral edge length and base length of one side directly into the formula. Volume = a²
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Calculate the volume of a cube, box, cylinder, sphere, cone

Below are the standard formulas for volume. Volume Formulas: Capsule Volume Volume = π r 2 ( (4/3)r + a) Surface Area = 2 π r (2r + a) Circular Cone Volume & Surface Area Volume = (1/3) π r 2 h Lateral Surface Area = π rs = π r√ (r 2 + h 2

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Volume Calculator

The formula used by this calculator to calculate the volume of a rectangular shaped object is: V = L · W · H Symbols V = Volume L = Length W = Width H = Height Volume Dimensions – Length, Width & Height Enter the measurement