Find scale factor

We will use or 3: 4 3: 4 as our scale factor. Multiply 16 × the scale f actor (3 4) 16 × t h e s c a l e f a c t o r ( 3 4): 16 1 × 3 4 = 48 4 16 1 × 3 4 = 48 4 Now, we simplify our answer: 48 4 = 12 1 = 12 in. 48 4 = 12 1 = 12 i n. The width of our smaller

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How to Find the Scale Factor of a Dilation?

learn how to find the scale factor with similar figures in this free math video tutorial by mario's math tutoring. 0:13 explaining how the order is important for the scale factor

Scale Factor

Learners in grade 7 and grade 8 are required to find the scale factor of the real or dilated image and their corresponding linear measurements. Find the Missing Side - Level 1 The Level 1

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Scale Factor


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The answer to the equation is 4.

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What Is a Scale Factor?

Now, to find the scale factor follow the steps below. Step 1: 6 x scale factor = 3. Step 2: Scale factor = 3/6 (Divide each side by 6). Step 3: Scale factor = ½