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I was able to cheat all of my homework through this year lol, well i tried answering the solution first so i that i will be sure if the ai on this app is right, and the ai on this app is great specially the ai on the camera, so finally I'm not going to teach my little sister some math problems anymore.

Justin Scott

It also has a calculator which is very efficient and easy. Only thing is if you want further explanation then you need to pay or get a free 7-day trial. Its great for homework and even gives you explanations and shows the work.

Justin Bradley

Very helpful and easy to access. I do wish it could read word problems though, amazing app, i actually love this app because it explains how to do the problem but you also have to buy premium to get the full explaination but still shows you how to do it and help and makes math easier.

Elbert Barros

Excel Solver tutorial with step-by-step examples

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