Solve by elimination

What is the Elimination Method? It is one way to solve a system of equations. The basic idea is if you have 2 equations, you can sometimes do a single operation and then add the 2 equations in a way that eleiminates 1 of the 2 variables as



Elimination Calculator

elimination\:x+y+z=25,\:5x+3y+2z=0,\:y-z=6; elimination\:x+2y=2x-5,\:x-y=3; elimination\:5x+3y=7,\:3x-5y=-23; elimination\:x+z=1,\:x+2z=4

The Elimination Method

But, check out the y guys: If we could make this a +4y, the y 's would drop out So, let's do it! Remember that we can multiply an equation by a number So, let's multiply the second equation by a -2: Remember to hit each guy! Now, stick the

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There are many ways to skin a cat, and each person has their own method that works best for them.

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