Ratio Calculator

Free Ratios & Proportions calculator - compare ratios, convert ratios to fractions and find unknowns step-by-step

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Ratio and Proportion calculator

In the ratio form, a colon sign “:” appears between every pair of variables instead of the forward slash. Proportion Formula The proportion formula is given below for pairs of variables (a,b) (a,b) and (c,d) (c,d) \text {Proportion} = \dfrac {a} {b}

Ratios & Proportions Calculator

They can also be written as 1 to 2 or as a fraction ½. The ratio represents the

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Proportion Calculator

Ratios are Equal? Proportion Calculator is a free online tool that displays whether the given proportions are equal or not. BYJU’S online proportion calculator tool makes the calculation

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Proportions and Ratios

Proportions Calculator Simple, powerful calculator to check the proportions of two ratios. Enter 3 or 4 numbers and click Calculate to find the missing proportion/ratio. = How to use Enter 3