How to factor equations with exponents

Read on for some helpful advice on How to factor equations with exponents easily and effectively.

Factoring higher degree polynomials (video)

For example, when factoring {eq}x^2y^6 + x^4y^3 {/eq}, the greatest exponent number that both variables share needs to be found for x and y. The highest number for the variable x would be 2 and

Factoring Expressions with Exponents

An exponential equation is an equation in which a variable occurs as an

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Factoring Binomials With Exponents, Difference of

1. Find the greatest common factor of the coefficients and the exponents. To do this, take the greatest common factor of the numbers and the smallest exponent of each variable. 2.

Factoring Expressions With Exponents

Solving Equations with Exponents: xm=k. If m is even: x = ±m√ k. If m is odd: x = m√ k. For

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1.5: Factoring Polynomials


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Powers and exponents


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