Phasor algebra

One instrument that can be used is Phasor algebra.

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Phasor algebra

Phasor Algebra Explained (cont.) R I R (t) + V R (t)-Vcos( t) The Impedance of a Resistor is not frequency dependent, purely real and positive. Since it is purely real, it is called “Resistance”
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Topic 19: Phasor Algebra C h a p t e r 5

A phasor, can be resolved into two components along two axis at right angles to each other. It is preferable and convenient to resolve it along X-axis and Y-axis. In symbolic form, a phasor is

Phasors and Phasor Algebra

Phasor Algebra. Rectangular form is . x + jy = 2 (0.866 – j 0.5) = 1.632 – j . 7.5 Addition and Subtraction of Complex Numbers (Or vectors): Addition and subtraction of complex numbers