Questions on Parallelogram|Diagonals of a Rectangle

(35 Worksheets) Area of Parallelograms Worksheets The area of parallelograms worksheets feature a variety of practice PDFs on finding the area of a parallelogram and the missing

8.3 Worksheet Proving Parallelograms

G Worksheet by Kuta Software LLC Solve for x. Each figure is a parallelogram. 11) Z Y W X 80 ° 11 x − 10 12) 2x + 15 x + 15 S R T U 13) U V X W 9x + 15 6x + 15 14) S T V U 35 ° 14 x + 5 15) 7 x +

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Parallelogram Worksheets

PARALLELOGRAM WORKSHEET Problem 1 : Find the lengths of SR and SK in the parallelogram shown below. Explain your reasoning. Problem 2 : Find the measures of ∠C and ∠B in the parallelogram ABCD. Problem 3 : Find the value

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