Area of Rectangle

Practice: Find a missing side length when given area . Comparing areas of plots of land. Practice: Compare areas by multiplying. Area of rectangles review. Next lesson. Area and the distributive

Rectangle Problems

Q 1. Find the area of a rectangle whose width is 20 cm and length is 4 cm. Ans: Given, width =

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Area of Rectangle

Word Problems Worksheets | Area of Rectangles. Promote mathematical interest in children of grade 3 through grade 6 by relating the concept to the real-life situation with this batch of printable word problems worksheets on area of

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Area of a Rectangle (Sample Questions)

Example 1: Let us first calculate the area of the rectangle using the square method. Consider a rectangle \ (ABCD\) of length \ ( {\text {5 cm}}\) and width \ ( {\text {4 cm}}\). To find the area of this rectangle, we divide it into

Area of Rectangle

Area of a Rectangle Area = L × W , w is the width and L is the length of the rectangle. Problems with Solutions Problem 1 A rectangle has a perimeter of 320 meters and its length L is 3 times its width W. Find the dimensions W and L

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