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Multi step inequalities examples

Multiply and divide by whatever constants are attached to the variable. Remember to change the direction of the inequality if you multiply or divide by a negative number. Solve a Two-Step

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Multi-step linear inequalities (practice)

How to solve multi-step inequalities? Examples: 1. 15 - 10r 5.6 4. 12 (m - 4) ≤ 3m - 3 5. 1/2 c - 1/4 ≤ -3/4 6. 10 Multi-Step Inequalities Watch on
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Inequalities with variables on both sides (video)

Math 7th grade Expressions, equations, & inequalities Two-step inequalities. Two-step inequalities. Practice: Two-step inequalities. Two-step inequality word problem: apples. Two-step inequality word problem: R&B. Practice: Two-step

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