Thermometer math

Thermometer math can support pupils to understand the material and improve their grades.

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Interactive Thermometer

Thermometer Math. A thermometer is a useful tool when it's hot or cold outside. Did you know it's also a useful tool for solving word problems? Your child can count forward and backward on

What our students say

Edgar Garrison

Worth the price if you can handle it. It's just fantastic! no, it just unbelivable! one suggestion, when I scan the problem and the app cannot solve it, please add it to the history, so I could edit it and try again, but this app also gives you the feature to report any problem which is having incorrect steps or the answer is wrong.

James Blaze

I recommend this to every student because this is like an advanced calculator, it really does a great job at breaking down the question or information that you put in.

Math Thermometer Teaching Resources

Printable Thermometer Templates. Get your students excited about angling for a big score in their thermometers task! Let them prove that they know the thermometer like the back of their hand by reading a variety of temperatures

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