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Outside terms are multiplied next: q * (−7) = − 7q q * ( - 7) = - 7 q. Inside terms are multiplied next: −3 * q = − 3q - 3 * q = - 3 q. Last, multiply last terms of each binomial: −3 * (−7) = 21 - 3 * ( - 7) = 21. Put your four answers down on paper

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Reverse foil calculator

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Factor by Reverse FOIL method (Splitting the middle term of

Factors of a*c (1*6) are 2,3;1,6. -1 and -6 are the numbers that satisfy these two conditions since. -1*-6 = 6 and -1 + (-6) = -7. So now we can write the equation as: x^2-1x-6x+6.

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The Reverse FOIL Method: Factoring Quadratic Equations

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