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Find the volume of the rectangular prism.

When you try to Find the volume of the rectangular prism., there are often multiple ways to approach it.

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Volume of Rectangular Prisms – Explanation & Examples

Step 1:Identify the length, {eq}l{/eq}, width, {eq}w{/eq}, and height, {eq}h{/eq}, of the rectangular prism. Step 2:Calculate the volume using the formula {eq}V = l\cdot w\cdot h{/eq}. Make sure to include the units, {eq}\text{ units}^3{/eq}. See more

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Find the Volume of a Rectangular Prism Example!


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Volume of Rectangular Prisms

The formula for calculating the volume of a rectangular prism is volume = length × width × height. If its length is doubled, and the height is reduced to half, then its volume can be written as, V = (2l) × (w) × (1/2h). After simplifying this, we get l

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Rectangular Prism Calculator (Cuboid)


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Volume of a rectangular prism (video)


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