Adding Vectors in Polar Form

To multiply together two vectors in polar form, we must first multiply together the two modulus or magnitudes and then add together their angles. Multiplication in Polar Form Multiplying together 6 ∠30o and 8 ∠– 45o in polar form gives us.

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How to Add Vectors in Polar Form

46.188 ∠ − 36.87 o = 36.950 − 27.713 i. 12.29 ∠ 94.79 o = − 1.026 + 12.247 i. Add both and convert the sum back into polar form. 36.950 − 27.713 i + ( − 1.026 + 12.247 i) =

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Add two complex numbers polar form

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Electrical Circuit Analysis Video #71: Addition Of Polar Vectors convert polar form to rectangular and rectangular to polar form.

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