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Amazing app helped me out a lot with math for 7th grade all you have to do is put down you question and it gives you the right awnser love this app, the only bad thing in my opinion is that the graphs have not all the information about them, great app for highschool/ college students, it shows the answer and teaches you how to get there.

Francis Hall

Thank you so much! You dont know how glad i am to discover this app. And it helps me with my modules, actually I haven't really using that after you rolled out edit function, it's a kimoji problem, I just want it can do that.

Randall Little

Thus app works GREAT I wish I would have found it sooner the ONLY thing I could see being a problem is there isn't enough options when you send the picture but I rarely ran into that problem 10/10 would use again.

Frank Scrivner

Whats the limit as x goes to infinity of sin(x)?

The limit of sin (x) as x->pi/3 is really pretty easy if you've already shown sin (x) is continuous. LIMITS OF FUNCTIONS AS X APPROACHES INFINITY. So the entire thing

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What is the limit as x approaches infinity of sin (x) ?

Ther is no such concept as “continuous as x approaches” some number, or infinity, for that matter. What you can say is sin (x) is continuous for every real x (and for every complex x, for


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Evaluate the Limit limit as x approaches infinity of (sin(x))/x

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What is the limit as x approaches infinity of sin(x)? Limits of Trigonometric Functions: