How to determine the height of a triangle

Given triangle area. The well-known equation for the area of a triangle may be transformed into a formula for the altitude of a right triangle: area = b × h / 2, where b is a base


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Height of a Triangle (Altitude). Calculator

Finding an Equilateral Triangle's Height 1. Recall the properties of an equilateral triangle. An equilateral triangle has three equal sides, and three equal 2. Recall the

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How can I find the height of a triangle?

Substitute known values into the area formula . A = 1 2 ⋅ base ⋅ height 17.7 = 1 2 ⋅ 4 ⋅ h Step 2 Find the height by solving for h. 17.7 = 4 2 ⋅ h 17.7 = 2 ⋅ h 17.7 2 = h h = 8.85 Practice Problems
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How To Calculate The Height of a Triangle Using

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Basic Geometry : How to find the height of a right triangle

Using Area To Find the Height of a Triangle. Now that you know the area of the triangle pictured above, you can plug it into triangle formula A=1/2bh to find the height of the

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