How to type plus or minus symbol

This also illustrates how you can simulate the “plus or minus” key which is not on this calculator. Just use a {1, -1} list. You could even create a plus minus list and use it instead. {1, -1} → Lₚₘ V + Lₚₘ √W but I think it’s much easier to type {1, -1}

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How to type Plus or Minus symbol in Word or Excel (Windows

Quick Method to Insert Plus or Minus in the Document If you are using Windows, you should do nothing but press Alt and enter 241 using your keyboard. On the Mac, you should press Option + Shift += shortcut. It will open

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Plus–minus sign

On the Symbols tab, make sure that the Font selection is set to the desired font. For more decorative symbols, choose Scroll down until you see the desired symbol, and then click it. Or