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Solution For the function g(θ) = sin(7θ) θ g ( θ) = sin ( 7 θ) θ answer each of the following questions. Evaluate the function at the following values of θ θ compute (accurate to

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How to Find the Limit of a Function Algebraically

For problems 1 – 9 evaluate the limit, if it exists. lim x→2(8−3x +12x2) lim x → 2 ( 8 − 3 x + 12 x 2) Solution lim t→−3 6+4t t2+1 lim t → − 3 6 + 4 t t 2 + 1 Solution lim x→−5 x2

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Solving Limits: Intuition and Examples of All Types of Limits

To solve an undefined limit, see examples 5 and 6 of limits that need simplification. If direct substitution yields ∞/∞, undefined, then divide by the highest power. lim

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Strategy in finding limits (article)

Solve the following limit: Answers and explanations The answer is 1/3. To obtain the answer, you need to factor, cancel, and plug in. The answer is –6. This one is a bit more