5.2: Quadratic Functions

Step 1: Given a quadratic equation {eq}y = ax^2 + bx + c{/eq}, group the terms with the variables in parentheses, {eq}y = (ax^2 + bx) + c{/eq}. Note: Make sure the the term with {eq}x^2{/eq} has a coefficient of {eq}1{/eq} or {eq}a = 1{/eq}. Otherwise, factor {eq}a{/eq} out of the parentheses such that we have {eq}a\left(x^ See more
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Quadratic Functions in Standard Form

put a quadratic function in standard form to identify the vertex and sketch

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Standard Form of Quadratic Equation

The process of converting the vertex form of a quadratic equation into the standard form is pretty simple and it is done by simply evaluating (x - h) 2 = (x - h) (x - h) and simplifying. Let us

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Writing Quadratic Equations in Standard Form

This video explains how to rewrite a quadratic function from general form to standard form to graph the quadratic function. a is not equal to 1.Site: http:/

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