How to Graph a Tangent Function

tan (a + b) = (tan a + tan b)/(1 - tan a tan b) The graph of tan x is symmetric with respect to the origin. The x-intercepts of tan x are where sin x takes the value zero, that is, when x = nπ, where n is an integer.
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How to Graph a Tangent Function of the Form y = a tan b(x

The graph of the function y = tan x is shown as a series of s-shaped curves separated by vertical asymptotes. The graph of y = tan x Amplitude: The vertical distance between the

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Graphing Tangent

The graph of a tangent function y = tan ( x ) is looks like this: Properties of the Tangent Function, y = tan ( x ) . Domain : x ∈ ℝ , x ≠ π 2 + n π , where n is an integer.

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