How to find the domain of a graph in interval notation

When using interval notation, domain and range are written as intervals of values. For f(x) = x 2 , the domain in interval notation is: D: (-∞, ∞) D indicates that you are talking about the domain

How to find domain and range from a graph (video)

Write the numbers in the interval notation with a smaller number appearing first on the number line on the left. If the set is unbounded on the left, use the symbol -∞ and if it is unbounded on

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Finding Domain & Range from the Graph of a Continuous

Graph m(x) = x m ( x) = x on the Cartesian plane to the right. The domain of m(x) m ( x) is: The range of m(x) m ( x) is: If any of the above do not exist, leave the answer box blank. 1 2 3 4 5 6

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3.2: Domain and Range

Interval Notation: (4, +∞) x ≤ 4. Solution: Step 1. Graph the solution. Use a closed dot at 4 and shade all real numbers below 4, including 4. Put negative infinity above to indicate that the

Determine Domain and Range from a Graph


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