How to find the class width

Class Width = (Maximum value-Minimum value)/Number Of Classes cw = (Xmax-Xmin)/nc This formula uses 4 Variables Variables Used Class Width - Class Width gives the width of the

Section 2.1, Frequency Distributions and Their Graphs

If you are determining the class width from a frequency table that has already been constructed, simply subtract the bottom value of one class from the bottom value of the next
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How to Calculate Class Width in Excel

It is calculated as: Class width = (max – min) / n. where: max is the maximum value in a dataset. min is the minimum value in a dataset. n is the number of classes. To

Class Width Calculator

Round the number you get up to a whole number to get the class width. Class width = 39 / 6 = 6.5. Rounded up to 7. Add the class width, 7, sequentially (6 times because we have 6 bins) to the

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