How to find a definite integral

College algebra students learn How to find a definite integral, and manipulate different types of functions.

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Calculus I

Calculate the Integral of CLR + – × ÷ ^ √ π ( ) This will be calculated: ? ∫? sin(√x + a) e√x √x dx Not what you mean? Use parentheses! Set integration variable and bounds in Options.
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I recommend this app for middle school and high school students. I really love this app but it does need to explain a little more on how to solve the equation and show more steps so we understand.

Kenneth Pena

And a better teacher than my professor even was, your app is amazing and really great for a little extra school help, at first I thought it was dystopian that 50% of US students use a Snapchat app that's meant to profit off of homework, i struggled a lot with mathematics but this app was very helpful and it's FREE.

Jason Alexandre

Absolutely love it! Helped me finish 2 assignments within 5 minutes and helped me understand easily, some of other apps just give the answers without the solutions. There are some free steps so you can see how it's all done.

Preston Chang

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