How to factor polynomials with leading coefficient

The leading coefficient of a polynomial helps determine how steep a line is. In the following example, {eq}h (x)=2x+1 {/eq}, the graph will be less steep than in the example {eq}b (x)=4x-1

7.6 Factoring Quadratics When the Leading Coefficient Is Not

!Make the general expression ax^2+bx+c, ax2 + bx +c, which can be factored into (dx+e) (fx+g). (dx +e)(f x +g). This means that a=df, b=dg+ef, a = df,b = dg+ef, and c=eg. c = eg. The last step of

Factoring Polynomials with a Lead Coefficient

Factoring Polynomials

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7.4 Factoring Trinomials where a ≠ 1 – Intermediate Algebra

👉 Learn how to find the degree and the leading coefficient of a polynomial expression. The degree of a polynomial expression is the highest power (exponent)

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