How to do f(g(x)) problems

Learn how to solve f(g(x)) by replacing the x found in the outside function f(x) by g(x).

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Composition Functions

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How to find Composite Functions f of g of x

In this video we learn about function composition. Composite functions are combinations of more than one function. In this video we learn about f(g(x)) and g

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F of G of x


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Combinations of Functions

Here is an example to understand this. Let us assume that f (x) = 2x + 3 and g (x) = x 2. We will find f (g (3)). For this: Step 1: Find g (3). g (3) = 3 2 = 9. Step 2: Find f (g (3)) by using g (3) as
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Finding composite functions (video)

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