How to do direct variation

You can start your lesson by providing a definition of direct variation. Explain that direct variation is a relationship between two quantities that can be represented by a function of the following form: y = kx. where k does not equal 0. Add that

How Do You Use the Formula for Direct Variation?

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Direct Variation

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Direct Variation

Direct Variation Formula: y = kx Here k is the constant of proportionality. If x is not equal to zero then the value of the constant of proportionality can be given as k = y/x. Thus, the ratio of these

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Ex: Direct Variation Equation

Find k when x = distance from lighting = 4 and y = time it takes to hear thunder = 20. 20 = k × 4 20/4 = k 5 = k Therefore, y = 5x is the direct variation equation. Having that relationship is a good thing since you could now predict how long
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