How do you solve inequalities with fractions

How to Solve a two-step linear inequality with a fractional coefficient? Examples: 1. Solve the inequality for u.-8 2. Solve the

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Learn how to solve a two step inequality with a fraction

How to solve a fractional inequality. How to solve ( (1+x)/ (1-x)) [is greater than] ( (2-x)/ (2+x)). We do this by multiplying through the inequality by (always) positive terms, simplifying the

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Plotting inequalities (video)

An example problem on solving and graphing inequalities with fractions. ** Note on the graph it should say -24 NOT -25**
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Solving Two-Step Inequalities with Fractions

Solve inequalities involving fractions. When an inequality involves fraction(s), it is easier to solve when the fraction(s) have been removed. To do this, change the fractions to whole numbers by