Logarithmic to Exponential Form

We can express the relationship between logarithmic form and its corresponding exponential form as follows: logb(x)= y ⇔ by = x,b >0,b ≠1 l o g b ( x) = y ⇔ b y = x, b > 0, b ≠ 1. Note that the base b is always positive. Because a logarithm is a
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How to change log to exponential form?

What Formula Is Used For Conversion From Exponential To Log Form? The formulas of exponents and logarithms are helpful to convert exponential to log form. The exponential form

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How do I convert a log to an exponential form?

Converting logarithmic to exponential form : log a m = x -----> m = a x. Example 1 : Change the following from logarithmic form to exponential form. log 4 64 = 3. Solution : Given logarithmic

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