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Graphing Absolute Value Functions

Learn how to write an absolute value equation when you are given two solutions. You will learn the formula for doing this, as well as work through two example problems.

Absolute Value Functions

Write the given absolute value function in the form : y −h = |x−h| y − h = | x − h |. That is, y = |x −1|−2 y = | x − 1 | − 2. Add 2 to each side. y +2 = |x−1| y + 2 = | x − 1 |. To get the

Absolute Value of a Number

We can also give a strict mathematical/formula definition for absolute value. It is, |p| = {p if p ≥ 0 −p if p < 0 | p | = { p if p ≥ 0 − p if p < 0 This tells us to look at the sign of p p and

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Clarify mathematic equations

Mathematical equations can often be confusing, but there are ways to make them clearer. By using simple language and breaking the equation down into smaller pieces, you can help your reader understand what the equation is trying to say.

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