Finding the range of a quadratic function

We can find the range of a function by using the following steps: #1. First label the function as y=f (x) y=x+2 y = x + 2 #2. Express x as a function of y Here x=y-2 x = y − 2 #3. Find all possible values of y for which f (y) is defined



Graphing y=ax2+bx+c

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Range of quadratic functions (article)

3 Answers Sorted by: 1 For A ≠ 0 we have A x 2 + B x + C = A g ( x) + D where g ( x) = ( x + B 2 A) 2 and D = C − B 2 4 A. The range of g ( x) is [ 0, ∞). If A > 0 the range of A g ( x) is {

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Find Range of Quadratic Functions

Therefore, to find the range of a quadratic function, we have to determine its maximum or minimum point. This can be easily found by making a basic graph of the function. Alternatively, the range can be found by algebraically by

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Domain and Range of a Quadratic Function

How do you find the range of a quadratic function? Find the x-coordinate of the vertex: x = − b 2 a = − 4 2 ( 2) = − 1 Find the y-coordinate of the vertex: y = 2 x 2 + 4 x − 5 = 2 (