Find the real and imaginary parts of the complex number

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What is an Imaginary Number?

Approach: A complex number can be represented as Z = x + yi, where x is real part and y is imaginary. We will follow the below steps to separate out real and imaginary part

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Complex Numbers (Definition, Formulas, Examples)

for a complex number z = a + bi, the real and imaginary parts are as follows : real part = a and imaginary part = b. Therefore, for the given complex number, we get real part = -6

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What Are Complex Numbers?

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the square root of −1.

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Imaginary and Complex Numbers

import numpy as np x = np. sqrt ([1+0j]) y = np. sqrt ([0+1j]) print(Original array:x , x) print(Original array:y , y) print(Real part of the array:) print( x. real) print( y. real)

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