F of x equation

f(x) means: a function called ‘f’ which takes an input of ‘x’. Please note that y = f(x) is nothing magical. ‘f’ is just the name of the function, ‘x’ is just the function’s input and ‘y’ is just the


Functions and linear equations (Algebra 2, How to graph

What is f(x)? It is a different way of writing y in equations, but it's much more useful!

Worked example: Evaluating functions from equation

This refers to the inverse of the function f(x). This is NOT the reciprocal of the function. The difference between the two is. The inverse of the function f(x) is found when you interchange

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What does f(x) mean in an equation?

f (x) = |x| f ( x) = | x | Find the absolute value vertex. In this case, the vertex for y = |x| y = | x | is (0,0) ( 0, 0). Tap for more steps (0,0) ( 0, 0) The domain of the expression is all real numbers

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