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To solve for y, first take the log of both sides: log 5 = log 3 y. By the identity log x y = y · log x we get: log 5 = y ⋅ log 3. Dividing both sides by log 3: y = log 5 log 3. Using a calculator we can find

Logarithmic Equations Calculator & Solver

Express the numbers in the equation as logarithms of base 10 10 og(x og(103) 3 Grouping terms 4 The difference of two logarithms of equal base is equal to the logarithm of the quotient: \log_b (x)-\log_b (y)=\log_b\left (\frac {x} {y}\right) (x −log (y) =log (yx) \log \left (\frac {x+1} {x-1}\right)=\log \left (1000\right) log(x −1x +1) log(1000) 5
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Logarithm Calculator

4/6/10 1:09 PM This video shows the method to write a logarithm as a sum or difference of logarithms. The square root of the term given is taken out as half according to

Log Equation Calculator

The calculator can make logarithmic expansions of expression of the form ln (a*b) by giving the results in exact form : thus to expand ln ( 3 ⋅ x), enter expand_log ( ln ( 3 ⋅ x)) , after calculation

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The answer to the equation is 4.

Exponential and logarithmic function

Step-by-Step Examples. Algebra. Logarithmic Expressions and Equations. Simplify/Condense. 2log2(9) 2 log 2 ( 9) Exponentiation and log are inverse functions. 9 9. Enter YOUR Problem.

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Logarithmic expansion calculator

The logarithm calculator simplifies the given logarithmic expression by using the laws of logarithms. Step 2: Click the blue arrow to submit. Choose Simplify/Condense from the topic

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Free log equation calculator - solve log equations step-by-step

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