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How to find the equation of an exponential function from a

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Exponential function (chart) Calculator

How To: Given an exponential function of the form f(x) = bx, graph the function Create a table of points. Plot at least 3 point from the table including the y -intercept (0, 1). Draw a smooth curve through the points. State the domain, (−

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Exponential Equation Given a Table

Consider the following table of values for a linear function f of x is equal to mx plus b and an exponential function g of x is equal to a times r to the x. Write the equation for each function. And so they give us, for each x-value
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How to Determine an Exponential Function From a Table of

Solve the exponential equation: (¼) x = 64. Solution: Given exponential equation is: (¼) x = 64. Using the exponential rule (a/b) x = a x /b x, we get; 1 x /4 x = 4 3.

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Writing exponential functions from tables


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