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Also, you may want to be able to calculate natural logarithms without a calculator. I will tell you a method that I use: since e 3 ≈ 20, you can take ln 20 ≈ 3. Hence, to calculate ln n

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Definitely a homework saver, i really like this app, i'm shocked , it's amazing ‘Œ¤—, plus, if you need to see how to do it different ways, then you can click a button to see it solved by a different method.

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It's very helpful especially now during the pandemic. If there were few more updates like for fractional exponent and many other. That's fantastic. Just let it scan your work and BOOM 🤯 you have the answer.

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The UI of the app is also great and flawless. But after giving solution of two answers it asks for upgradation which means you have to pay money for further sums. When I'm stuck I will scan the question with this, it gives me the solving steps and from that I can either figure out what to do next or when I went wrong.

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Evaluating logarithms (advanced) (video)

r!How to Solve a Log Without Using a Calculator? We first need to understand square, cubes, and roots of a number. This is key to solving a logarithm. The solution of any logarithm is the power or exponent to which the

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