Double Angle Calculator

The formulas for double angle identities are as follows: \text {sin (2u)}=2\cdot \text {sin (u)}\cdot \text {cos (u)} \text {tan (2u)}=\frac {2\text {tan (u)}} {1-\tan ^2\text { (u)}} \text {csc (2u)}=\frac
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Double angle formula calculator

The double angle formula calculator can be used to find the double angle value of any of sin , cos and tan . Let us consider an example. Suppose we wish to find the values of the sin 120 o, cos

Double Angle Formula Calculator

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Double Angle Identities

The follow formulas can be used to calculate the double angle. sin(2θ) cos(2θ) tan(2θ) Some additional equivalent formulas can be seen below. The reason that these formulas are special

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Double Angle Formula

That's it, the double angle formula calculator has already done the job and found the double angles of sine, cosine, and tangent. For θ = π/12, the double angle trigonometric functions look like this: sin (2θ) = 1/2. cos (2θ) = √3/2. tan (2θ) = √3/3.

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