What is Variable in Math? Definition, Types, Examples, Facts

In math, a variable is a letter used in place of an unknown number in equations, expressions, and formulas. The variable is used as a placeholder for the unknown number. In

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Defining Variables

A variable is any property, characteristic, number, or a quantity that increases or decreases over time or can take on different values (as opposed to constants, such as n, that do not vary) in different situations. When conducting research
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Variable definition

variable ( ˈvɛərɪəbəl) adj 1. liable to or capable of change: variable weather. 2. (of behaviour, opinions, emotions, etc) lacking constancy; fickle 3. (Mathematics) maths having a range of

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A Maths Dictionary for Kids Quick Reference by

In algebra, a symbol (usually a letter) standing in for an unknown numerical value in an equation or an algebraic expression. In simple words, a variable is a quantity that can be changed and is not fixed. Variables are essential as they form a major algebra component. We usually use “ x ” and “ y ” to express an unknown integer. See more
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Variable Definition

An independent variable is a type of variable that is used in mathematics, statistics, and the experimental sciences. It is the variable that is manipulated in order to determine whether it