Cookie exchange math

Small Talk SLP. 5.0. (87) $2.00. PDF. Rudolph's Crazy Cookie Exchange Game is my most popular game ever! Parents, teachers and kids all love this holiday-themed game that can be used for

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Cookie Exchange Teaching Resources

Set up the buffet. Lay out a festive tablecloth, a centerpiece, and any other decorations. Then, set out enough platters, plates, and cake stands to hold each guest's batch

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Share the Joy—

Cookie Exchange Math. Ah, the cookie exchange! What better way to multiply the variety of your holiday goodies. (You can always give the date bars to your great aunt Marge.) The problem

Cookie Exchange Rules for the Perfect Holiday Swap

Engage your students in a relevant project with this Holiday Cookie Exchange Project. Students will spend several days going through the planning of a Holiday Cookie Exchange Party.

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How to Host the Best Holiday Cookie Exchange Party

Keep it as simple as you’d like. All cookies should be homemade. Please bring at least 2 dozen cookies (or more if you’d like!). Print out copies

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