Best free math apps for high school

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10 Free Math Apps for Students that Teachers Swear By

DoodleMaths. An award-winning math app for kids in kindergarten and elementary school.

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21 Common Core-Aligned Math Apps for High School

11 of the Best Math Apps for High School Students MathPentagon. Aptly named, MathPentagon is a group of apps that focus on five different math curriculums: ratios, Math Reference. With

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I think that this application is the best and the best application and it has no comparison with other applications, but nevermind it is a great app help students of all ages. It also teaches me. Use for understanding, no adds , fast , 100% correct ancers, and gives you a selection of what answers you want.

Melvin Pankey

I started doing my maths work and asked for my friends help and he told me about this app and now I'm getting every question right this app is perfect for me plus I'm a bit on the slow side for maths so this is perfect thank yoouuu. Would recommend. They explain very well, with references to definitions, tables, and even more in-depth steps.

Charles Long

It's a good app but it was offline now it is online if it is possible to make it usable offline please' tnx, this is too much explanation and I'm impressed as the app is free, great for difficult math problems, came across this app by chance and absolutely love it.

Paul Cross

5 Free Math Apps for Middle & High School


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