T-Test Calculator with step by step explanation

Two sample t-test calculator. One or two tails, equal or unequal variances, paired or unpaired + steps. Two Tailed Test (default) One Tailed Test: 3. Significance Level: 0.05 (default) 0.01:

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Two-Sample t-test

Solution: Step 1: Identify the values. Significance level = 5% = 5/100 = 0.05. Degree of freedom = 30. Step 2: Look for the significance level in the top row of t distribution table below (one tail)

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Critical Value Calculator

Critical values for two-tailed t-test: ±cdf t,d-1 (1-α/2) critical region: right-tailed. This t-test calculator allows you to use either the p-value approach or the critical regions approach to hypothesis testing! Enter your t-score, and the number of degrees of freedom.

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