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How to Know the Value of a Letter in an Algebraic Equation

Introduction to variables. What is a variable? Why aren't we using the multiplication sign?


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Why all the letters in algebra? (video)

Let X be an alphabet (i.e., a finite and nonempty set), and call its member letters. A word on X is a finite sequence of letters a_1a_n, where a_1,,a_n in X. Denote the empty word by e, and the

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Introduction to Algebra

List of algebra symbols and signs - equivalence, lemniscate, proportional to

The Language of Algebra

What are all the types of algebraic expressions? Monomial-Which has only one non-zero term. Binomial-Which has two non-zero terms. Polynomial- Which
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Variables and Algebraic Expressions

Here are a few alphabet functions, called that because they are named using letters from the Greek alphabet.In algebra, a function is a rule or relation that is defined using

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