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Section 6-5 : Applications. We have $10,000 to invest for 44 months. How much money will we have if we put the money into an account that has an annual interest rate of

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Let’s briefly overview the examples of Algebra by picking some common examples. 1. Catch the ball game played by 4-5-year-old kids. The concept of choosing the correct

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You pull out a piece of paper and a pen and write down the following algebraic equation: What you have just performed is one of the most basic, real-life uses for algebra. A

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Algebra in real life

Applications of Algebra. Translating Words to Algebra. Examples of using Algebra to solve Word Problems. Average Word Problems. Mixture Word Problems. Distance, Rate, Time Word

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A big salam to the developers, but it puts a smile on my face when I open this app and finaly start to understand what I am learning, if you have trouble graphing (like me) you can take a picture of the equation it type it in the calculator and it shows you how to graph.


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You can even customize the answer they give you. Excellent app recommend it if you are a parent trying to help kids with math. Literally the best, not only do you get the answer, you get to learn the process and how to do similar problems. I have used it for 5 months so far and it has been incredibly helpful with checking my problems and making sure my arithmetic is correct.

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Solving algebraic word problems requires us to combine our ability to create equations and solve them. To solve an algebraic word problem: Define a variable. Write an equation using the

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