Algebra investment problem

Investment word problems typically involve simple interest and the formula I = Prt. You can set up and solve these exercises with a simple table.

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Investment Word Problems (video lessons, examples and

First equation is for the total investment S + (W + 60000) + W = 250000, or, equivalently, S + 2W = 250000 - 60000 = 190000. (1) Second equation is for earning 0.06*S + 0.07* (W + 60000) +


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Problem Solving: Motion, Mixture, and Investment Problems

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Algebra: Investment Problem

Note that this problem requires a chart to organize the information. The chart is based on the interest formula, which states that the amount invested times the rate of interest = interest

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Investment Problems

[Math] Investment problem. algebra-precalculus. Fernando invested money in a 3 year CD that returned the equivalent of 4.4% simple interest. He invested \$2000 less in an 18 month CD